How to survive with a toddler? The ultimate guide for happy moms

How to surviveNo matter if you’re a stay at home mom or a working mom at least once a day you might wonder if you’re taking part in one of those survival shows or running a Boston Marathon. There are good days and bad days, so I decided to share my secrets how to stay positive, sociable, happy mom and not lose yourself in caring about your family.

First, just remember that there is no way back. You’re stuck girl. Now, just take a deep breath and always, always find time for a morning cup of coffee/tea/lemon water – whatever your morning ritual was before having kids. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are extremely important for mom’s normal body functioning and taking care of your loved ones, so no skipping or constantly eating those easy sandwiches on the go. But let’s be honest, sometimes I don’t get to my breakfast up until 12.30 in the afternoon and have pizza party Friday night, but most days I try to be good. Nobody’s perfect! I don’t cook something like homemade ravioli anymore and everything that takes to cook longer than 30 minutes is a no. I still eat healthy meals made from scratch, but they’re quick and easy now. I love the recipes from Cooking Well Healthy Kids as well as The Skinnytaste Cookbook: Light on Calories, Big on Flavor. Pinterest is my good old friend too. I think it’s a clever idea to meal plan for a week ahead and have everything ready. I print out or copy the ingredients list into Google doc or whatever app you use for shopping and voila. Just have those recipes ready and send hubby for grocery shopping.

So, here we came to my next tip- involve your partner as much as possible in helping you clean, shop and take care of the kids. I couldn’t make this year without my husband. We girls know that sometimes it doesn’t come easy and all those centuries women spent at home don’t help, but it’s 2017 now and women work as much if not more than men.

Now that you’re all happy and relaxed after your last meal and the husband is at the grocery store I’ll share one more secret. Don’t clean or cook while baby naps. Spend this time relaxing, studying, reading books or napping. You can always cook and clean with a baby around, but reading a book near the super active toddler sounds like a fairy tale, right? New mums need to stay productive to make it through. Lists, diaries, planners are your best friends, right? Especially if you plan on returning back to work from maternity leave.

And last, but not least. Always have time for yourself. Go or do at home your manicure, wash hair, do makeup and have hobby. Don’t lose your personality in everyday tasks. If you loved diving or playing video games before having kids, don’t give up on that. Overall, kids need happy moms and if fishing makes you happy, just go for it girl.

Lots of love,



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